At DYNAMIX, we  offer  flexible  tutoring  payment rates. Why pay 100-120 dollars ?  Also, we will not lock you into a 10 session contract. We do a 3 session trial period to make sure your tutor is a good fit with your student. We offer  tutoring  from 5th grade to the  high school level in  Math, English, Writing, Biology, Physics, Chemistry courses. Tutoring rates start at 60 and can only go up to 80 an hour.

Tutors are not just excellent students, but are hired ONLY because they have excellent interpersonal skills and WILL be a great match for your student’s personality and studying style. Too many tutoring companies focus on hiring someone with perfect test scores, but tutors who cannot communicate, have an awful personality or just cannot express a love and passion for education. At DYNAMIX, we are passionate about tutoring and teaching and will make sure your student LOVES to learn as much as we love to tutor. Contact us to set your student up with a tutor today.

And here is the best part: My tutors make MORE money than what we take in for the company! So, a tutor where we agree to charge 60 dollars for the session. The company takes in 25 and my tutor will make 35 dollars! This ensures tutors who know this company is all about maximizing the tutoring experience. Not merely profiting off of clients.



“The tutoring really was designed to make sure I understood and like the material. Usually, tutors I met made me hate what I was reading. This was cool because I liked meeting with my tutor and going over materials.”

– Scott Dworkin

60-80 per hour

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