Educational Consultants can find you scholarships that your student can apply for and then you can go to a Tutor to go over your student’s scholarship application…if you want to waste hundreds to thousands of dollars! At DYNAMIX, we have Scholarship Tutoring Professionals (STP’s). Our STP is someone who has experience on scholarship committees, applying and being awarded major scholarships and understands how to find scholarships for your student as well as working on the scholarship with your student. We do it all together over the span  of a 3 session workshop to make sure your student does not graduate 38K in debt, but can get that 10-15K that can require something as simple as writing a 5 page essay. Scholarship workshop is for 3 sessions at 300 dollars. 300 dollars  today  end up saving your student tens of thousands of dollars in the immediate future.


“I could not believe the scholarship possibilities out there! Why didn’t my career advisor in college go over this with me? It was so easy to apply and find all kinds of scholarships. My mom’s educational consultant took 2 months to find me scholarships that did not even go through. I love how at DYNAMIX the scholarship coach has actual experience in applying for scholarships. This was so practical! I am getting 10K worth in scholarships that I never knew were even out there!”

– Lana Miflin

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