CRI  Cover Letter, Resume, Interview workshop:

7 out of 10 college grads move back home because they are unable to find a job. Yikes! Let’s buck that trend. Learn the science behind mastering your cover letter, have a professional resume and have interviewing skills that make you go from being  ‘Applicant B-23’ to filling out your W-2 form the next week. This 2 hour workshop builds skills for a lifetime. You will master how to write a cover letter and resume and have the confidence to interview for any position for the rest of your life. All for the price of a steak dinner!  60 dollars for the 2 hour session. Spaces are limited. Contact us today.



“I was about to graduate with a degree in engineering and I had 0 idea on what to do with applying to jobs. At the CRI seminar, they went over how to have a unique and eye-catching cover letter and how to make my resume more professional. I had no idea that my resume should be a lot shorter. I was getting 0 interviews and now I have had 2 job offers this last week alone. Oh…and the interviewing skills I learned. Wow! I now have the confidence to get any job even in this economy.”

– Frank Denbile

“After 6 months of being unemployed, I was shocked at some of the mistakes I was making on interviews. The CRI seminar really helped me. I was living with my parents after being in my industry for 7 years. I have the confidence in my interviewing abilities so I now feel I can keep getting promoted and not be someone expendable. Thank you, DYNAMIX.”
– Sarah Martingdale

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