As a tutor for many years, I spent most of my time working with students in specific classes or test prep (ACT, SAT) or in statistics. However, the great irony was that most students I worked with easily could understand the material, but did not have any fundamental interest in the topics nor had a bigger picture idea of what they wanted to do for work after school was finished. This was a problem for me as I saw way too many bright and ambitious individuals with no true career aspirations. So, I decided to start something bigger. I worked mainly in educational management with a focus as a statistician and data analyst. I met very smart people and worked for some of the largest and most renowned tutoring businesses in the world. However, I saw a fundamental flaw in how tutoring businesses worked

I realized that students need better advisement. Advisors who teach them not only how to attain an ‘A’, but to use that ‘A’ into a tool of understanding will translate into future, career success. That is why this is a Tutoring, Scholarship AND Career Services site. I am here, with my team of tutors, scholarship staff and career services staff, to make sure students, and learning adults, at any level, can have the tools to understand the job market, compete for high level positions, graduate with significantly less debt and get the job of their dreams.

For learning adults,  the tools I will share with you will ensure you can look for that job that is 10-15K more a year. Or that if you are laid off, it is not time to worry about dipping into your life savings 3-4 months down the line. I want you to have a job or get a better job and have the confidence to know you can get it when you want. My Cover Letter, Resume, Interview (CRI) workshop will give you these tools.

My Scholarship Application services are led by academic professionals with specific experience in application and being on committees for scholarships such as the Fullbright, the Marshall scholarship, etc. I am all about ensuring that your tutoring, scholarship application and career application experiences work for you and bring you success immediately. We present a unique experience of you learning, and enjoying what you learn, and you acquiring certain skills that will work for you and garner success for the rest of your life.

DYNAMIX is about results. We are about instilling passion and drive into our clients and making sure that when you get services with us, that you are building life skills that ensure success for the rest of your life.

Loren Kallen, MA